SPIRIT 2 Closedown

The Spirit 2 trial is now in closedown. The trial team will be contacting all sites and pharmacys to schedule a closedown teleconference. Please get in contact if you have not been contacted yet. 

Please have your site files and pharmacy files ready for archiving - we require a fully complete and signed checklist from each site. The checklists can be found in the "ISF" and "Pharmacy" sections on this website. The majority of documents can also be found in those sections on the website, but some documents are secure and are available on request to the SPIRIT team by emailing Further information on what documents you will need and what to expect during the call are sent with the emails confirming the teleconference. 

Please also make sure to print and file the End of Study notification to REC and MHRA, which can be found here, and remember to notify your R&D.

The final clinical study report is being written and the results will be uploaded to EudraCT by Spring 2019. We will also be posting a lay summary which can be used to inform the trial participants. The main study publication is also under preparation and we hope to submit before the end of 2018.

Please note as we are a reduced team now, please use the main SPIRIT contact number and e-mail on the website under Contacts. This will ensure your enquiry is answered promptly.

Thanks to you all for your hard work in making this study a success.

Last modified: Fri, 12 Oct 2018 11:47:49 BST