International CML Foundation

We thought we would bring to your attention the work of the International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Foundation.   This foundation was established by a group of haematologists with a strong interest in CML with the aim of improving the outcome of patients with CML globally.  Thus far their efforts to foster and coordinate global clinical and research collaborations have focused particularly on clinical practice and disease monitoring in CML patients in less wealthy countries of the world. Two major projects deserve special mention. The preceptorship programme provides generous funds to permit haematologists from selected countries in Africa, Asia and S. America to spend to spend two or three weeks attached to specialist units in USA, Europe or N. America.  The diagnostic and monitoring programme sets out to establish state-of-the-art cytogenetic and molecular methods for detecting BCR-ABL in countries where they do not currently exist.

The 22nd September ("9;22") was highlighted as international CML awareness day (you will see the link with the Philadelphia chromosome!), and similar days will be celebrated in the future.  For more information about the Foundation and its work please click here.

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