Information for Pharmacists, v4.0

As we approach the end of the trial we have had some questions relating to study medication and its supply, as a result we have updated the Information for Pharmacists document.

In summary:

  • If SPIRIT 2 protocol amendment 50 has been approved at your site it is possible to use the generic imatinib in place of Glivec – a new accountability form has been released for use with generic imatinib
  • Trial prescriptions and labels must no longer be used for patients randomised to imatinib post Visit 15. Accountability is also no longer required.
  • Patients are able to remain on dasatinib free of change until last patient last visit (7th March 2018). After this date patients will be transferred to commercial stock.
  • Dasatinib orders will continue to be processed until March 2018, however the number of bottles requested will be checked against the Trial Office records.

Please ensure a copy is saved in the Pharmacy Site File and the previous version is superseded. A copy of the document can be found under the ISF section of this website (

If you have any questions please contact the SPIRIT 2 Trial Office.

Last modified: Mon, 18 Sep 2017 15:42:30 BST